Commercial HVAC Installation and Repair Services

You may take the indoor temperature levels for granted inside your business until something is not working properly. We can help ensure that your HVAC system remains working in proper order, and that your business remains comfortable. If your business has some corners where the temperature is tough to regulate, we have solutions for that, too.

Haley Mechanical services commercial establishments in the Ann Arbor and Dexter, MI areas. Below is a little more about the commercial HVAC installation and repair services that we offer at Haley Mechanical.


Air Curtains

When you walk into an establishment and feel a blast of warm air, chances are they’re using an air curtain. That blast helps to keep the inside of the establishment warm as the customer or dock doors open and close. High efficiency air curtains can lead to a 30 percent savings in energy costs, while adding unmatched comfort for your customers and employees. Find out more about how they can help your business.



Packaged Rooftop Units

Commercial rooftop HVAC units are so popular because they don’t take up any space indoors. A single box contains efficient heating and cooling units. We offer installation and repair services for commercial packaged rooftop units.





Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Splits

These are a convenient alternative for businesses to keep the hard to reach corners of their physical location comfortable. Ductless mini splits are popular for the exact reason that their name suggests – they operate free of your HVAC ductwork. They are also invaluable for keeping your business seasonally comfortable.



Backflow Testing

Haley Mechanical’s team of expert plumbers is fully trained in the latest backflow testing and prevention practices to keep your residential or commercial water supply safe.


Is Your Indoor Temperature Tough to Regulate?

If your employees and customers are constantly too warm or too cold, it can impact your bottom line. There’s never been a better time to take action. You have more options available today than ever. Contact Haley Mechanical today, and we can help you discover the solutions that are right for your business.