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At Haley Mechanical, our furnace repair technicians & installers are highly skilled and experienced, delivering expert service to clients in the Ann Arbor and Dexter, MI areas.  The winter season in Southeast Michigan can bring along brutally cold temperatures not to mention snow and ice.  We believe in delivering beyond our customers’ expectations; when you are in need of furnace repair, count on our dedicated technicians for not only reliable service, but clear communication and promptness.


Anyone who lives in Ann Arbor or SE Michigan knows when cold weather strikes, it can hit with a vengeance. Lennox® furnaces allow you to save money on heating costs while enjoying a cozy, warm home. Lennox® provides some of the most efficient heating systems on the market today!

With efficiency ratings ranging from 80% to 95% AFUE, Lennox® gas furnaces are designed to deliver ultimate warmth that is both economical and reliable. Many models are ENERGY STAR® qualified, meaning when compared to traditional furnaces you enjoy utility bills that are substantially lower without sacrificing comfort. Dual-fuel systems are comprised of a gas furnace and electric heat pump, providing the ultimate in efficiency and comfort.

Enjoy the winter with a new furnace

When temperatures dip to frigid levels, it is easy to wonder how your family will make it through the winter. Now you can enjoy winter and perfectly consistent temperatures with Lennox® furnaces and innovations such as Precise Comfort® technology.

Minimal fuel waste and tons of warmth

You can save hundreds of dollars per year given that Lennox furnaces are designed to deliver revolutionary efficiency with energy ratings of as much as 98.7 AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency).

Dual-fuel operation equates to money savings

Because a dual-fuel system combines the best of electric and gas heat, you enjoy energy efficiency and the perfect level of comfort.

Enjoy peace and quiet with SilentComfort technology

Lennox® gas and oil furnaces make it possible for you to enjoy peace and quiet while basking in warmth thanks to SilentComfort technology.

Not only do Lennox® furnaces provide peace and quiet on start-up and while running, but you also have precise control of temperature – in fact, you can maintain the temperature in your home to within 0.5 degrees of your “perfect” temperature. Lennox® is an industry leader when it comes to efficiency, and homeowners may qualify for local utility rebates and federal energy tax credits by installing those furnaces that are ENERGY STAR® certified. The dependable operation for years and manufactured of high-quality materials, Lennox® incorporates smart designs in a wide array of gas and oil furnaces to meet your heating needs.

Lennox Furnace - SLP98V

SLP98V Variable-capacity gas furnace

Efficiency Rating (AFUE): up to 98.7

Precise Comfort® technology allows the SLP98V to keep the temperature held exactly where you want it. Heat is even throughout your home, with no cold spots. If it sounds perfect, it’s because it is.

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Lennox SL280V Furnace

SL280V Variable-speed, Two-stage Gas Furnace

Efficiency Rating (AFUE): up to 97.5

A variable-speed blower maintains comfort with an adjustable flow of air, preventing temperature swings and blasts of air when your system starts.

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Lennox EL296V Furnace

EL296V Variable-speed, Two-stage Gas Furnace

Efficiency Rating (AFUE): 96

Variable-speed airflow means consistent comfort. The EL296V can adjust its airflow speed, allowing it to gently disperse even heat throughout your home. Variable-speed airflow also prevents blasts of air when the system starts.

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Lennox EL196E Furnace

EL196E Gas Furnace

Efficiency Rating (AFUE): 96 It’s not just intelligent. It’s intelligently efficient. Find comfort in being “energy-smart.” Comfort and energy savings, in one convenient package. Download Literature
Lennox EL196E Furnace

ML196E Gas Furnace

Efficiency Rating (AFUE): 96

Single-stage, 96% fuel-efficient gas furnace with Power SaverTM constant-torque motor design.

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We Provide Furnace Repair for the Ann Arbor, Michigan Area

Haley Mechanical’s furnace repair technicians offer the peace of mind you need for the cold Michigan winter. Your furnace is a significant investment, and with the right maintenance and care, you can increase its lifespan and save on heating.

Our technicians help you understand when it’s time to repair or replace. If your furnace is less than 20 years old, repairs are often the way to go.

Some Common Furnace Problems:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Continuous hot air blowing
  • Part replacements such as pulleys, motors, or belts
  • Gas leaks or other emergency calls

There’s often no controlling when you’ll need a furnace repair. But regularly scheduled maintenance can improve its efficiency and lifespan. This will allow you to stay warmer and save money on utilities in the process.

If you have any questions, or would like to speak with a service technician, contact us today!

We Are Ann Arbor’s Trusted Resource for Heating Repair

At Haley Mechanical, we remain 100-percent dedicated to customer satisfaction. We know it can be tough to find a knowledgeable, trustworthy contractor who is also responsive to your customer service needs.

Our technicians are standing by and they are ready to keep you warm. We can help you quickly and accurately diagnose your furnace problem and restore heat. Our customers’ comfort is our number one priority.

We service the greater Ann Arbor area.

Emergency Calls for Furnace Repair

When your furnace breaks down, there is a natural sense of urgency. A variety of factors can go into an emergency call for furnace repair.

Like any other major appliance, sometimes the parts break down. You may experience no hot air, or continuous hot air – both significant problems. Gas leaks also necessitate an urgent level of attention.

Make sure you go with a company that offers the experience you need and has the ability to handle your repair fast. Haley Mechanical has a proven reputation for helping Ann Arbor residents stay warm in the winter.

Furnace Service Costs

While Michigan winters can be beautiful, your home should be a respite from the cold. You shouldn’t have to pile on extra layers and blankets and turn on space heaters just to watch TV. When you constantly have to rely on these things to keep warm, it may be a sign something is wrong with your furnace.

The best thing you can do is pick up the phone and call a trusted heating repair specialist. Ignoring the problem won’t help.

Our average service ticket ranges between $274 and $447. Some calls may come in lower or higher, and it can vary greatly on a case-to-case basis. But this gives you a very general idea of what to expect.

How Can I Take Care of My Furnace?

No one wants to undergo furnace repair during the winter months. The good news is there are a few things that a homeowner can do to take better care of their furnace, depending on the type and model.

Regular furnace maintenance can help you avoid repairs. The heating pump should be placed above snow levels to make sure it can run efficiently. A stone base can help keep the coils free of dirt or grass.

There are two steps residents can take to ensure the long-term health of their furnace:

  • Regularly replace the air filter – A dirty filter can lead to many problems with today’s furnaces. Cleaning or replacing the filter on a monthly basis will prevent the furnace from having to work excessively hard.
  • Check the battery on your thermostat – Uneven heating through the home can be due to the battery in your thermostat. If you replace the battery it often resolves this issue. This is often the easiest solution to this problem. If the uneven heating persists, contact a professional.

You can always ask our technicians for specific recommendations on how to take care of your furnace between maintenance calls.

How Often Should I Have My Furnace Checked?

Regularly scheduled annual furnace service by a qualified technician can help maintain the warranty. Some warranties won’t cover damages that occur when there is a lack of inspections.

An older furnace may even benefit from scheduled service every six months. These are the intervals most often recommended for furnace service industry-wide.

Electric or Gas Furnace Repair

The first signs you need electric or gas furnace repair are often small. Maybe it’s a funny noise, or the temperature is not quite right in the house. These may be symptoms telling you something larger is wrong with your furnace.

Ignoring them could lead to significant and costly furnace repair down the road. Our technicians are trained to deal with all types of problems. Haley Mechanical is an experienced, family-owned company that can help you stay warm and comfortable through the toughest of weather conditions.

Don’t Neglect Your Furnace

The furnace is one of those appliances we tend to overlook when it’s working properly. Then, when something goes wrong, it really goes wrong. Regular furnace maintenance by a trusted professional is critical to keeping your furnace in working order and extending its life. It helps you avoid a nasty cold weather surprise.

With a little extra care, you can give your family peace of mind and a comfortable living environment through the winter months. If you find yourself in need of furnace repair, or to schedule maintenance, contact Ann Arbor’s most trusted furnace professionals today!

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Furnace Maintenance in Ann Arbor

Having a furnace tune-up is critical to keeping Ann Arbor and Dexter families warm and safe all winter long, while ensuring your furnace operates as efficiently as possible.  At Haley Mechanical, we understand the importance of furnace cleaning as well for prolonging the life of your furniture and keeping energy costs low.  Winter months in southeast Michigan can be extremely cold and harsh; the last thing you want is a furnace that malfunctions or breaks down when you least expect it! 

Benefits of a Furnace Tune-up for Ann Arbor & Dexter, Michigan Homeowners

Whether your utility costs seem to be increasing, your furnace does not seem to be keeping your home as warm as it should, or your system breaks down on a frequent basis, there are several benefits of a furnace tune-up including:

Temperature Icon

Increased Comfort

When dust and dirt build up on the components of your furnace, it can affect comfort due to the fact flames may not burn as hot as they should. Our highly skilled technicians will thoroughly clean your entire heating system including the burners, giving you peace of mind knowing your furnace will perform efficiently throughout the winter season.

Time Icon

Increased Lifespan

Purchasing a new furnace is costly; as with most other equipment, regular maintenance and care increase your furnace lifespan. From performing a thorough inspection to furnace cleaning and oil, our technicians will take care of every detail to help ensure your furnace lasts for as long as possible.

Money Icon

Money & Energy Savings

When your furnace is clean, it uses substantially less energy and performs efficiently. This is important to many Ann Arbor homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprints while enjoying greater comfort and money savings.

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Avoid Breakdown

When your furnace is not regularly maintained, it results in breakdowns and the need for more frequent repairs. Having your furnace cleaned every year will ensure no failures during the winter season, and fewer repairs.

In addition to furnace cleaning and making necessary adjustments, our technicians routinely check:

  • Supply air system
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Hazards that could potentially block airflow
  • Proper venting of the exhaust vent
  • Thermostat operation
  • Air filters
  • Flame & ignition sensor components
  • Proper air and gas mixture for combustion
  • Furnace wiring
  • Fan belts, safety devices, limit control, gas valve operation, pilots and much more

Importance of Furnace Cleaning

In addition to furnace maintenance, a clean furnace is important as it will also reduce energy costs, extend the life of your furnace, and substantially decrease dust and allergens in your home. Benefits of furnace cleaning include:

  • Decrease in allergy and asthma triggers such as dust mites, allergens, pet dander
  • Increase the system’s airflow
  • Improve draft
  • Decrease offensive odors in your household
  • Improve furnace efficiency

Our NATE certified technicians are dedicated to performing a thorough cleaning which may include removing debris, cleaning burners and internal fan, inspecting for worn components or rust, and lubricating when necessary.

Furnace maintenance is important for many reasons, including the fact that manufacturers may void warranties when the furnace is not cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Manufacturers know that without regular tune-ups and maintenance, critical components within the furnace unit may be damaged.

At Haley Mechanical, our Dexter furnace tune-up technicians are dedicated to a job well done. Regardless of where you live in the SE Michigan area, we are available 24/7 to help ensure your family stays warm, comfortable, and safe during the winter season. Contact us for all of your home comfort needs today.

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