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Whether it is winter or summer, why heat or cool your entire home from a single thermostat when only a few rooms are being used by family members? At Haley Mechanical, we trust Mitsubishi mini-split systems for the ultimate in comfort, reduced energy consumption, and money savings.
  • What is a Mitsubishi Mini Split?

    Mini-split systems have an indoor air-handling unit and outdoor compressor just as standard air-source heat pumps do. However, they are designed to heat/cool individual rooms or spaces.  A ductless mini-split may be wall mounted or ceiling recessed; in certain situations, it is best to use a horizontal ducted mini-split.

  • Advantages of a Ductless Mini-Split for Southeast Michigan Homeowners

    There are many advantages to a Mitsubishi mini split heat pump or Mitsubishi mini split AC system over traditional ducted HVAC systems. These include:

    Money savings. Because of their smaller size and ability to deliver conditioned air into only the rooms where you need it, mini-split systems offer substantial savings on utility costs.

    Improved indoor air quality. Because ductless mini-splits have a multi-stage filtration system rather than air ducts that can collect dust, dirt, pollen, and other contaminants your family enjoys fresher, healthier air.

    Quick, simple installation. No air ducts to install, no worries about rebuilding ceilings or walls because of ductwork. Ductless systems require only a small hole and operate using small pipes. Installation may take only a single day in some cases!


Mitsubishi wall-mounted indoor units offer many benefits including remote operation, better indoor air quality, zoned comfort, and more.  The sleek design makes it a great choice for those concerned about a cooling & heating unit that will blend in with decor, while having the ability to fine-tune comfort.


  • Indoor air quality is improved due to features including advanced filtration, which contributes to your family’s health through air that is purer and deodorized.
  • A tablet or smartphone makes it possible to operate your wall-mounted indoor unit remotely, and even create programs, adjust and monitor your system, design schedules, and more via a wireless interface.
  • Cooling or heating one room in your home is simple when you choose “zoned” or independent comfort.


With this type of system you enjoy benefits including super-quiet operation, automatic mode changes, and equipment that’s not intrusive but instead out of sight.


  • Although you will likely never hear it, you enjoy supreme comfort without the noise.
  • Consistent temperatures are maintained without your assistance through automatic switching between heating/cooling modes.
  • Whether below the floor or installed in a ceiling, you enjoy comfort that is out of sight thanks to low-profile, short-run ductwork.


This type of mini-split system allows for remote operation, improved indoor air quality, and multi-way airflow.


  • No ductwork required, seamless integration in the ceilings without intruding on your decor and style.
  • Advanced filtration ensures fresher, cleaner air in your home which protects the health of your family.
  • Operate your system using a smartphone, tablet, or remote control which allow for adjustment and monitoring.
  • You are in control of airflow and where air is directed thanks to vents that can be remotely adjusted individually on all four sides.


Energy efficient, simple to install, and environmentally friendly, you can rely on quiet, efficient yet powerful heating and cooling in your home with our multi-position air handler.  Whether replacing an old furnace or new construction, rely on exceptional performance and quality construction.


  • Simple installation thanks to a design that is meant to make assembly or disassembly easy. Depending on your specific space, the unit may be installed either horizontally or vertically and fits even through tight openings.
  • Eco-friendly is a priority; with R4.2 one inch insulation that is fiberglass-free, you can rely on greater efficiency and reduced condensation.

Mitsubishi Electric systems are well-known for efficiency, and the opportunity to service even spacious or expansive areas when replacing an existing furnace.


Efficient operation, quiet operation, fast warm up . . . the benefits are obvious.


  • Multi-flow vanes makes it possible to warm up your Southeast Michigan home in a hurry, while providing healthier air and reducing bacteria, allergens, viruses, and other airborne particles via a multi-part filtration system.
  • Quieter than a whisper! With outdoor and indoor units operating as low as 19 dB(A) you will find operation extremely quiet, important for your comfort and enjoyment.
  • When outdoor ambient temps drop to -13 degree F, exceptional performance is the rule with Hyper-Heating INVERTER technology. At 5 degrees F outdoor ambient temperature you will enjoy 100% heating capacity.

Mini Split - Greater Ann Arbor, Michigan

Haley Mechanical believes in providing only the best in heating and cooling technology to our customers.  Considering the advantages of a mini-split, many homeowners are making a move toward a less invasive system that offers energy efficiency, a reduced carbon footprint, and more.  We invite Ann Arbor, Dexter, and those in the surrounding areas in SE Michigan to contact us today to learn more about ductless mini-splits, and which type may be ideal for your needs.
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Jeremy and Brandon installed seven cooling heads and two Mitsubishi compressor units. The service took a full week to complete. They arrived on time and work hard (a full day) each day. They worked with us to coordinate the placements of each unit and did their best to make the installation as inconspicuous as possible. They clean any mess inside and out, and again at the end of each day. I only hope the product is equal to the excellence installation. Thanks Guys. Steve and Kim P.

Steve and Kim P. - Milan, MI

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