Whole House Generators

Whole house generators for your Ann Arbor and Dexter, Michigan area home

Whole-home generators are one of the smartest investments you can make as a southeast Michigan homeowner. When the power goes out, regardless of the reason, you can still enjoy cool air or warmth, depending on the season. No worries about the food in your refrigerator or freezer spoiling, hot water for the shower, etc. Basically, you have the ability to generate power so life goes on!

Standby Generator Benefits

Sometimes referred to as “stand-by” or “automatic backup power” generators, a whole house generator makes it possible to power your entire home. There are countless benefits of this type of generator over portable generators that most people use to power only one or two items, such as a refrigerator. Benefits include:

  • Your HVAC system will be supplied with power, meaning your family stays comfortable
  • No more sitting in the dark, or leaving the house
  • Keep your home security system armed
  • Keep your well pump and/or sump pump operating
  • Preserve expensive and perishable foods
  • Some home insurance providers will offer a discount on premiums for those with whole-home generators

Haley Mechanical offers three trusted names in whole-home generators, Kohler & Generac

Generac Generators

Generac was founded in 1959, the first to engineer home standby generators that are affordable. Generac whole-home generators also run on LP or natural gas, and turn on and off automatically so you don’t have to worry if you’re away from home when the power goes out. Power is delivered to your electrical system, keeping your home running safely. Generac provides customer support 24/7, 365 days per year and is one of the top selling brands on the market today.

Generac Guardian 16kW Whole Home Generator


Provides essential circuit power protection for your home, ensuring the necessities remain powered during an outage or up to whole house coverage when paired with one of Generac’s load- shedding switches. Capable of backing up a five ton air conditioner.

Generac 22kW Whole House Generator


The 22 kW Guardian® Series home standby generator is the largest air-cooled home standby generator on the market. Not only does it deliver all the features and functionality customers have come to expect from the market-leading brand of home standby generators, but with an MSRP that is the lowest cost per kilowatt of any air-cooled home standby generator.

Kohler Generators

Kohler generators can power your AC, major appliances, sump pump, and more automatically within 10 seconds of a power outage. Established in 1920, Kohler builds each generator to last and meticulously tests for quality through the entire design process. Fueled by your home’s LP or natural gas, you never have to worry about refueling. High-quality power that will never cause damage to electronics or other appliances.

14kW Whole Home Generator

14 kW Generator

Single Phase or 3 Phase , Natural/LPG

Kohler 20kW Whole Home Generator

20 kW Generator

Single Phase or 3 Phase , Natural Gas|LPG

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