Air Conditioning Facts That May Surprise You

As a SE Michigan homeowner, you probably wouldn’t want to face some of the super-hot days we’ve seen this summer without air conditioning! While there’s nothing better than a nice day in the sunshine, it’s a relief to know you can retreat to the cool indoors when you’ve had enough. If your A/C isn’t functioning as efficiently as it used to or you’re having problems, it may be time to call in our skilled air conditioning technicians. While you consider making the call, you may enjoy some of these surprising A/C facts.

  • We’ve lost our tolerance to heat thanks to the invention of air conditioning! According to research, the cooler the indoor temperature is inside your home, the less tolerant you are of the heat.
  • The U.S. has experienced 60% of its economic growth in the southern states, largely due to the fact that people flocked to states like Arizona, Florida, and Texas after air conditioning made tolerating the heat in these regions possible.
  • Willis Carrier designed the first air conditioner in 1902, but it wasn’t for the purpose of cooling. Carrier had a publishing house, and the humidity would cause ink to smudge and papers to expand and contract. The purpose of the design was to eliminate humidity!
  • How much energy is consumed in the U.S. to power air conditioners every year? As much as the entire continent of Africa uses in a year’s time to power everything. That’s a whole lot of energy!
  • Who can teachers and school children thank for summer vacation? Air conditioning! Summer breaks were the norm for schools prior to the invention of air conditioning so that students and faculty didn’t have to suffer the heat. The tradition continues today.
  • The creating and testing of vital medications is possible because of air conditioning – but why? An environment in which the temperature can be controlled and kept cool is essential for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, doctors, and others in the medical field for creating and testing.
  • People flocked to movie theaters during the summer months during the Great Depression, because they were some of the few businesses who had air conditioners. If you’re familiar with the term “summer blockbuster,” now you know where it came from! Large Hollywood crowds were the first to see big film releases.

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