When you think of plumbing, what likely comes to mind are the pipes, drains, and other components you see in the bathroom and kitchen of your SE Michigan home such as in the bathtub, shower, toilet, or sink. There’s really a lot more to it than that, and considering spring has “sprung” it is important to give your outdoor plumbing a little thought and attention.

Our Ann Arbor expert plumbers are often called out to address outdoor plumbing issues. To help you ensure the outdoor plumbing functions properly, we have provided a checklist below.

Sprinkler Heads

Be sure to inspect your sprinkler system for leaks or other issues on a regular basis, as malfunctioning can result not only in over-watering which is damaging to the grass but higher water bills.

Outdoor Faucets

Considering it can be freezing cold in southeast Michigan one day and warm the next, it is really no surprise that outdoor plumbing fixtures such as faucets may burst, warp, or freeze due to fluctuations in temperature. When temperatures have dropped substantially, or a snowstorm comes through, be sure to check the outdoor plumbing fixtures for any signs of damage or deterioration.

Exposed Pipes

Exposed pipes have no protection from cold temperatures, ice, snow, and other elements. Add to this the fact that the majority of pipes supply water and the constant pressure they are under, damage can occur. This is particularly true in regions where temperatures drop to bone-chilling levels during winter months such as is the case in our area. Exposed pipes can put your entire plumbing system at risk, so be sure to check them regularly.

Septic Systems

Septic system issues are not as uncommon as you might think, especially those in older homes of 100 or more years ago that were often designed using sewage pipes that are more brittle and susceptible to damage caused by tree roots or leaks. Having a new septic system installed can cost thousands of dollars; be sure to have one of our skilled Ann Arbor plumbers inspect your septic tank on a yearly basis to stave off these substantial costs for as long as possible.

Sump Pumps

The sump pump is probably the last thing on your mind – in fact, you probably never give it a thought. During periods of heavy rain, some homeowners face a real dilemma: flooding that results in foundation issues, rot, and erosion because the sump pump failed to operate as it should and redirect rainwater. Water is the most damaging element for a home, so be sure to put your sump pump on the list when performing your outdoor plumbing check.

Having issues with outdoor plumbing will eventually affect your indoor plumbing. As you now know, a plumbing system involves far more than those pipes you can see beneath the kitchen sink! Be sure to create an outdoor plumbing checklist, and when you encounter issues act immediately. Contact the Southeast Michigan plumbers at Haley Mechanical, and feel confident any problems will be addressed quickly by dedicated, licensed professionals.

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