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Common Causes of Kitchen Sink Clogs

What Causes Kitchen Sink Clogs?

Pipes can become sluggish or clogged for several reasons, including natural and man-made substances. Some of these include:

Grease. Grease tends to harden as it cools, causing it to build up on the inside of plumbing pipes. Instead of putting grease or cooking oil down the kitchen drain, place it on an aluminum foil-lined tub or container, then simply throw the foil and grease in the trash once it has solidified.

Potato peels. After peeling potatoes, place peelings into the trash as most garbage disposals cannot grind up peelings into small pieces due to the thick texture.

Pasta, bread, and flour. While all of these foods are soft, they become a sticky, gummy mess when combined with water. Avoid putting flour down the drain, and keep in mind that putting pasta in the garbage disposal could result in a serious drain clog.

Eggshells and coffee grounds. While coffee grounds and eggshells are not that big of a problem on their own, the problem arises when they stick to other debris due to their fine texture. Over time, a massive blockage may develop in the drainage pipe. Instead, dispose of these items in the trash can.

Hair. Why would hair be in the kitchen sink? You would be surprised. Some people bathe small pets in the kitchen sink, and people (particularly women) may put a stray hair strand in the sink instead of the trash. Don’t do this – and bathe your pets outside. Hair is one of the worst offenders when it comes to clogs, although it is usually in the shower.

Potentially damaging drain cleaners. While drain cleaning products can help keep pipes flowing freely, some contain ingredients that may be damaging to plumbing. Do a little research to learn if the product has a reputation for causing clogs before you buy.

At Haley Mechanical our Ann Arbor Plumbers know how aggravating a kitchen sink clog can be. When your efforts to clear the clog have not worked, or you have an ongoing issue with clogs, contact us for help!

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