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Furnace Issues? Get Familiar with Possible Causes

Whether your furnace was having problems toward the end of the last winter season, or you experience issues when you fire it up in the coming weeks, there are some simple (and not so simple) possible causes for malfunctioning.  It’s never a good idea to do it yourself when it comes to furnace repair, as the risk of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning simply isn’t worth it.  This is an issue which should be left to your Michigan HVAC contractor!  However, it’s good to be aware of what the potential causes may be, so here’s a little information for you.

If your furnace is a typical standard-efficiency type, air temperatures produced go up to 170 degrees before flowing through your ducts and into your home.  Here are a few indications that something may be wrong.

Inadequate airflow at supply registers

  • Slipping blower fan belt or dirty blower fan
  • Air filters that are clogged or dirty.  Your filter may be damaged as well; your technician can show you how to change it each month so that your furnace performs efficiently.
  • Ductwork issues.  If your ducts have come apart at the joints, have collapsed, or are blocked it will affect airflow to the supply registers.
  • Blocked cooling coil.  A refrigerant coil used for the A/C function on combination heating/air units can become obstructed with dirt buildup or mold, inhibiting airflow.
  • Insufficient return air.  Air pressure imbalances in your living area or undersize/leaking return ducts can result in insufficient return air, meaning inadequate airflow.

Cycling on/off frequently

  • Obstructed blower fan or clogged air filters can result in your furnace running excessively long to maintain your desired temperature because of reduced airflow over the heat exchanger.
  • If your thermostat is defective or improperly calibrated, the result will be a furnace that shuts on and off constantly.
  • Too much heat energy may be produced if your furnace is not properly matched to the heating load of your home.

Lack of airflow

  • Automatic safety cut-off switch has disabled the furnace
  • The improper functioning of blower fan motor
  • Major duct trunk may be disconnected or blocked

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