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Is That Smelly Air Conditioner About to Knock Your Socks Off?

Summers in Ann Arbor and throughout Southeast Michigan can get extremely warm and uncomfortable, but you can always count on your A/C to keep you cool and comfy – or can you? Sometimes an air conditioner will emit some very unpleasant odors, and you don’t know why or if it indicates a problem. If your cooling system stinks, here’s what you should look for.

What are some of the reasons an air conditioner may smell bad?

Rotten egg smell. This usually indicates an animal died after getting stuck in the air duct. Sad but true; these things happen. Call out an expert to take care of the problem so the odor will go away.

Exhaust-like smell. When you notice a scent that reminds you of car exhaust, there’s a problem somewhere. Gasoline doesn’t power air conditioners, and there could be a fluid leak. Give our SE Michigan HVAC professionals a call.

Stinky feet smell. What could be worse? While it may smell like someone’s dirty socks got caught up in your system, it’s probably a matter of water collecting in your unit. A musty odor is common when water builds up due to improper draining or a clog. Have it checked out by a professional.

Skunk smell. This is probably second in line to the horrible stinky feet smell; however, it could be a severe problem as a skunk smell is usually the result of a methyl mercaptan leak, a dangerous gas. Get your family out of your home and contact us immediately.

Mildew smell. This is a common complaint of homeowners and a scent that is usually caused by excess moisture such as condensation that doesn’t drain as it should. Mold and mildew are often the results, causing the unpleasant smell. Give our A/C professionals a call if you notice a mildew smell!

Gunpowder smell. When a circuit board or fan motor shorts out, you may notice an odor that smells like gunpowder. This is a relatively simple repair for our HVAC contractors.

The last thing you want is for your cooling system to go out during the hottest season of the year. When you notice any strange or stinky smells, give the Ann Arbor air conditioning experts at Haley Mechanical a call.

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