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Protect Your Ann Arbor Area Home From Lightning Damage

As a Southeast Michigan home or business owner, you may have heard of lightning protection systems, and wonder how they work. While these systems help prevent a lightning strike to your home/business, what else should you know?

Lightning generally follows a path to the ground, whether that path is electrical lines, gas or water lines, telephone, cable, or even a structure such as your home or business. As you know, lightning strikes are dangerous and can result in extensive damage.

What are the most common hazards of lightning strikes?

  • Damage to appliances or building materials
  • Side strikes
  • Fire

Can a lightning strike be prevented by having a lightning protection system installed? Nothing can prevent a lightning strike, but adding a protection system will keep your home or business safe from potential damage to the materials or structure.

FAQ about lightning protection systems

By having a lightning protection system installed at your home or business, could you potentially attract lightning? Absolutely not. Yet, these systems have no influence on where lightning strikes and are incapable of “directing” it to another area.

Is this a DIY project? No. Home lightning protection systems should be installed only by an electrical professional.

Can I choose the protection system I want and know it will be effective for my home or business? No. These systems are designed specifically for your home or business structure.

What can a lightning protection system protect?

These systems are designed to protect the structure and prevent or reduce lightning strikes directly to your home or business. Because of this, the risk of damage to building materials or fire during an electrical storm is lessened substantially.

Even with a system installed you should be sure that appliances, electronics, and other items are unplugged to prevent damage; also consider using surge protectors for computers, TVs, and other equipment for at least some protection when a storm occurs and you’re away from home.

Home lightning protection systems in Ann Arbor Michigan

Whether you live in Ann Arbor or any other area it’s impossible to predict when a lightning strike will occur; it is best to protect your home or business by having a lightning protection system installed by a professional. Having a system installed not only protects the structure from damage to the building or fire but could also result in lower insurance rates not to mention the money saved on damage caused by a strike.

The professional, licensed electricians at Haley Mechanical are dedicated to outstanding service, quality, and customer satisfaction. Protect your Southeast Michigan home during electrical storms – call Haley Mechanical today!

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