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Air Conditioner on the Blink? Five Possibilities to Consider

As trusted southeast Michigan air conditioning experts, we know how frustrating it can be when the weather gets warm, you need the a/c, and it will not work.  It will not be long before you need to cool your indoor spaces, and there are very limited reasons why a system fails to work as expected when summer arrives.  Problems arise when either your air conditioner is not properly installed, it is not maintained as often as it should be or is poorly serviced.

According to the federal Department of Energy, there are five problems with air conditioning systems that seem to be fairly common; here’s how to troubleshoot them:

Inadequate maintenance.Taking care of something as simple as cleaning the air conditioning coils and changing the filter as necessary can make a huge difference.  When the system is dirty and clogged, it can result in a fan or compressor that fails prematurely because the system has to work too hard.

Refrigerant leaks.Manufacturers specify the recommended refrigerant charge for their air conditioners; when you can match your refrigerant charge to the manufacturer’s recommendation, it will operate effectively.  Leaks not only make your system work harder, but they also harm the environment.  You may think all you need to do is add more refrigerant, but this is not the way to handle the issue.  Call a trained SE Michigan air conditioning technician to repair the leak.  Your technician will test to ensure the leak is repaired, then use the specified amount of refrigerant to charge your system.

Drainage issues.Humidity can cause problems, so check to ensure the condensate drain is not clogged and is draining as it should.  It is also important that window conditioners are level for proper drainage.

Electric control failure.Terminals and wires that are corroded can cause your cooling system to fail, so set up a service call to have your technician check out the electrical contacts and connections. Also, a system that is too big for your home will cycle on and off more frequently than a properly sized system, which can wear out fan controls and even the compressor.

Sensor problems.Have a window air conditioner?  On this type of system, a thermostat sensor in located behind the control panel, and is responsible for keeping the room comfortable.  Your a/c may cycle on and off too often if the sensor becomes knocked out of position; it should be located near the evaporative coil, but not touching it.  You can adjust this yourself by carefully bending the wire that holds the sensor in place.

Recently, Consumer Reports conducted a survey of more than 40,000 readers who purchased a central air conditioning system. Those that required the most frequent air conditioner repairs included York, Amana, and Goodman.  As an authorized Lennox dealer, we know that the system you choose can make a substantial difference in the problems (and expense) you will face down the road!

Keep the tips above in mind if you face problems with your air conditioning system this summer – and give us a call should you encounter a problem you cannot handle yourself.  As reputable southeast Michigan air conditioning professionals, your comfort is our business.

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