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Ann Arbor Homeowners Can Lower Energy Costs With These Simple Tips

Today, many southeast Michigan homeowners are looking for ways to reduce energy costs and consumption, primarily due to increasing fuel prices and increased environmental awareness.  The fact is, accomplishing these goals is fairly easy with just a few small changes and a little effort.

At Haley Mechanical, we’re happy to provide you with a few tips to help you save on both energy costs and usage:

Consider a programmable thermostat.  This “smart” thermostat makes it possible to keep your home comfortable while saving on energy use.  Depending on your family’s schedule, you can pre-program temperature settings for night time, while you are away during the daytime hours, or even while on vacation.

Don’t skip seasonal maintenance.  HVAC equipment that is running smoothly is more efficient, thereby less costly to run.  You may not be aware that cooling and heating your home accounts for about 50% of the energy you use each month!  Consider scheduling preventive maintenance services in spring and fall, just prior to hot summer months and the cold winter season.

Change the filter regularly.  We know – you’ve heard it time and time again, but do you do it?  Filters collect dust, dirt, and other debris, making your HVAC system work harder to keep your home comfortable, which means increased cost.  Not only that, a clogged filter can lead to a buildup of dust and dirt within the components of your heating/cooling system, resulting in damage or unnecessary wear and tear.  Change it regularly, especially during summer and winter months.

Check the ducts for leaks, and seal any cracks or holes.  Because the ductwork is something you don’t see often, it’s easy to forget about it.  Check your ducts for leaks, which often occurs in areas where cracks or breaks exist.  Tape any visible leaks using a metal-backed or duct mastic tape instead of duct tape, which doesn’t hold up well.  Also consider additional insulation on ducts located in a garage, attic, or other unconditioned space.

Replace older or inefficient HVAC equipment with Energy Star qualified equipment.  A heating/cooling system that’s older than 10 years may not be efficient.  If your current system isn’t operating efficiently or is getting on up there in age, consider replacing it with an Energy Star qualified system.  These products are proven to help lower energy costs, and consume less energy.

Most important of all, choose your southeast Michigan HVAC contractor wisely!  It is critical that your air conditioning and heating equipment is properly sized for your home and installed correctly.  Improper installation of your HVAC system could cost you more in terms of energy usage – up to 30% more.

Learn more about how you can lower energy costs and consumption in your home this summer.  Call Haley Mechanical today, and let our experts help you enjoy a comfortable home that costs less in terms of heating/cooling costs!

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