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Prepare Your Greater Ann Arbor Home for Summer with These Tips

Recent temperatures have been incredibly warm, almost brutal for those in Southeast Michigan. We always look forward to summer months – but those increased energy bills, not so much. We have a few tips to help you enjoy a comfortable home this summer while keeping energy costs down.

Upgrade to a programmable thermostat

No more turning the temperature up or down manually. You do not want to come home to a hot house after work, but why cool an empty space? A programmable thermostat lets you program the thermostat to cool your home just before your family comes in at the end of the day.

Have your AC cleaned and inspected

A dirty air conditioner that hasn’t been properly maintained is less efficient and more prone to break completely down on you. Decreased efficiency means reduced comfort, and higher energy bills. Have a qualified technician inspect and clean your system, and enjoy greater comfort all summer long.

Consider an insulation upgrade

If your home lacks sufficient insulation, it impacts comfort. Insulation does not only keep cold air out in winter months; it also keeps out heat/humidity during summer months. Having extra insulation blown into the walls and/or around windows and doors is an easy process that can save you big time.

Install ceiling fans and awnings

While ceiling fans will not lower the temperature in the room you are in, they will circulate the cool air which makes it feel much cooler to your skin. You can set the temperature up a couple of degrees higher, and not notice a difference – other than lower energy costs.

Awnings placed above windows are another way to keep the hot direct sunlight out, without darkening your home or having to repeatedly open/close blinds, shades, or curtains. They also add to the exterior appeal of your home!

Ventilate the attic

When the attic lacks adequate ventilation, the hot air that rises from the rooms in your home gets trapped. Temperatures in the attic can reach as much as 150 degrees on super hot days, so you know that “holding in” of heat makes your home feel like an oven. Hot air can escape from the attic by simply installing vents or attic fans.

At Haley Mechanical, we want to help Ann Arbor and Dexter homeowners enjoy a cool, comfortable home without dreading those huge monthly utility bills. For more tips or to schedule an inspection/cleaning of your HVAC system, give us a call today!

Financing available

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