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Are You Prepared for Winter Power Outages?

With all of the winter storms the nation has experienced so far this winter season – Winter Storms Maximus and Nika, Polar Vortex – it can make you feel like you are living somewhere other than the good old U.S., perhaps Antarctica or deep in the Siberian wilderness! All we wish is that it was over, but there are still a few weeks to go before we can enjoy the warmer weather. In the meantime, it is important to be prepared for a power outage which could be brought on by heavy snowfall, ice, or even wind.

No one wants to be out of power, but having an outage presents far more danger than having a power outage in warmer months. Extremely cold temperatures can be deadly, so it is important you be well prepared for safety’s sake. How can you be ready the next time one of these dangerous storms hits the southeast Michigan area? Here are a few pointers.

Consider an automatic generator. An automatic generator makes it possible to run your entire home during an outage, or just the necessities such as your refrigerator and heat, depending on the size you choose. Automatic generators work much like portable models but are more convenient because of their ability to shut on and off automatically when the power goes out and comes back on. This is possible because of the fact the generator is installed at the back or side of your home and hooked up to a natural gas line – no constant fuelling up!

Automatic generators can be costly, but the investment is well worth it if you can afford it. Not only can your home remain safe and warm for your family, but you also enjoy peace of mind. If an automatic generation simply isn’t within your budget, here are some other suggestions to keep you safe and warm during the next winter storm.

Have emergency supplies on hand. These supplies should include:

  • Flashlights, generators, battery-powered lanterns and other emergency equipment, tested and ready for use
  • Non-perishable food items
  • If you have a woodstove or fireplace, have plenty of firewood on hand
  • Collect water in bottles for drinking, cooking, and other needs should your pipes freeze
  • Also, make sure all of the batteries on your mobile devices are charged such as your laptop or mobile phone.

Make sure your home is prepared for the next winter storm by:

  • Applying caulk or weather stripping to exterior doors and windows
  • To prevent busted water pipes, drip faucets when temperatures are extremely cold
  • Ensure your walls and attic are sufficiently insulated
  • Set up equipment for emergency heat, such as a camp stove and fuel, fireplace and wood/coal
  • Know how to shut off the water valves to your home should a pipe break
  • Consider purchasing space heaters, but know how to use them in a safe manner. Space heaters should never be operated in a room or home when no one is present, and should not be placed in close proximity to furniture, drapes, blankets, throws, or any item/material which is potentially flammable. They’re also not to be used for drying wet gloves, hats, or other items of clothing.

At Haley Mechanical our mission is to help southeast Michigan homeowners in Ann Arbor, Dexter, Ypsilanti, and surrounding areas stay warm and safe this winter season, regardless of what storms may roll our way. Have questions about automatic generators? Give us a call today.

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