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The Danger With Broken Outlets

Broken outlets present significant risks, and it’s important to address them properly to remain safe. Some of the signs of a broken outlet can include no power output, intermittent power, sparks or burning smells, or discoloration or a burn mark. If you notice any of these, it’s important to prioritize your family’s safety and contact a professional electrician to look at the problem right away.

Below are some of the dangers broken outlets can pose in your SE Michigan home.

Focus on a wall outlet

Capable of Emitting an Electrical Shock

If your outlet is broken with exposed wires, there is a risk of electrical shock. Damaged components can put you within reach of live electrical currents. This poses a significant threat to anyone who touches it.

An Increased Risk of Fire

Damaged electrical components can also lead to a higher risk of electrical fire. Any of these components can generate heat or sparks and potentially ignite nearby materials.

Damaged Appliances

Broken outlets can cause damage to the appliances they provide power. If they emit too much electrical power, they can cause surges or fluctuations that cause further damage. This can lead you to need to replace appliances sooner.

Intermittent Supply

Flickering lights, devices shutting off, or appliances not working correctly are all signs that your outlet is only supplying intermittent power. The effects can quickly become annoying, and if the problem is ignored, further damage can be caused over time.

Increased Consumption and Higher Bills

The intermittent power supply provided by faulty outlets can lead to higher levels of energy consumption. When the flow is unpredictable, it can lead to higher utility bills and have an unnecessary impact on the environment.

Potential Code Violations

In many locations, they require working outlets for safety purposes. Broken outlets could result in code violations that may cost you additional money in fines. They may also need to be fixed during home inspections.

Arching or Sparks

Damaged electrical outlets can provide electrical arcs or sparks. If exposed this can happen within sight. But if the outlet is still covered the arcs and sparking may happen behind the cover, the box, or the drywall. When this happens, it poses an immediate fire risk if there are combustible materials nearby.

What You Should Do If You Have a Broken or Damaged Outlet In Your Home

Because of the risks involved, it’s crucial to address any problems with a broken outlet right away. The first thing you’ll want to do is cut power to the outlet immediately. This will reduce the risks involved. Next, if you’re not comfortable handling the needed electrical work, it’s important to talk with a qualified electrician so that they can fix the problem. They may need to come replace the outlet with one that functions properly right away.

If you have a broken outlet in your Dexter home, contact Haley Mechanical right away and one of our experienced electricians can come address the problem.

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