Touchless Bathroom Faucets Offer Many Benefits

Touchless water faucet

Many people in Ann Arbor are considering whether it’s a good idea to invest in touchless bathroom faucets. These faucets work using motion sensor technology and make turning the water on effortless. Water flow begins when your hands move in front of the sensor and stops when you take your hands away. Our southeast Michigan plumbing professionals want to share some of the most essential benefits of touchless bathroom faucets with our customers.

Simple to use. Whether you choose a basic hands-free bathroom faucet or one that’s more complex, these faucets are easy to use and ideal for everyone. They are particularly useful for the elderly, young children, those with compromised motor skills, or other situations in which washing hands the traditional way may be difficult. Maintenance is kept to a minimum as touchless bathroom faucets rarely have leak issues, especially those of a higher quality. Customers at your business will appreciate the ease of use, and homeowners enjoy the fact that these types of hands-free faucets can increase the value of your property.

Save a bundle on water bills. No running the water to get it to the desired temperature, or watching it go down the drain while brushing teeth. Touchless bathroom faucets deliver water “on-demand,” only when your hands motion the sensor. Business owners won’t go into restrooms to find customers left the water dripping; homeowners don’t have to worry about children wasting water. Support the environment by not wasting water and save on monthly bills.

Practice good hygiene. As you can imagine, sanitation can be an issue when countless people touch knobs or handles throughout the day. Because there are no knobs or handles to worry with, hands-free faucets make good sense to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. You will need to clean the sensor area and faucet frequently to ensure a healthy environment. Still, germs are kept to a minimum due to less frequent or no touching.

Are you in need of faucet repair in your home or business? At Haley Mechanical, our expert plumbers put forth the greatest effort when it comes to helping keep home and commercial bathroom faucets functioning correctly. For repairs, service, or a new touchless bathroom faucet in Dexter or other areas of SE Michigan, give us a call today.

Benefits of Commercial Air Curtains for Restaurants, Bars & More

Air curtain being used in a restaurant

Restaurateurs, bar owners, and others in the foodservice sector are all too familiar with some of the challenges related to these types of businesses. From saving on energy costs to keeping out dirt, debris, and pests and giving the customer a great experience, it can be tough.

One of the best investments you can make that provides you with many benefits is in a commercial air curtain. Properly installed, an air curtain helps you keep out the dirt, debris, and other things you don’t want in your establishment, helping you maintain high sanitation standards. Air curtains also enhance customer comfort, help keep energy costs lower, and keep employee turnover to a minimum. And this is just the beginning!

Here are some of the most important benefits you will enjoy by installing a commercial air curtain in your restaurant, bar, or other food establishments.

Reduced energy costs. Placed right over your door, air curtains are invisible, so they don’t detract from that welcoming “open door” feel customers enjoy. They create a significant barrier against unwanted hot or cold air infiltrating your indoor spaces, keeping energy costs down as your conditioned air stays indoors where it belongs. While you enjoy more comfortable spaces, your heating and cooling equipment won’t have to work overtime to compensate, which means less wear and tear on your HVAC equipment, lower energy bills.

Greater comfort for your customers. Customer satisfaction is your top priority as a restaurant or bar owner, and spaces that are too cold or warm compromise your patrons’ comfort. During southeast Michigan’s cold winter months, air curtains prevent warm inside air from spilling out of an open door and allowing cold air to come inside. Whether during summer or winter months, customers will be happy to sit close to the door or wait on an open table because their comfort won’t be affected by an open door. Keep customers inside your establishment longer and expect higher profits.

Reduce the work on your current cooling or heating systems. Heat loss (or gain, depending on the season) is dramatically reduced when you use an efficient air curtain, meaning less work for your existing heating or cooling system. When your equipment doesn’t have to work as hard to heat or cool your indoor spaces, it will not only function more efficiently but last longer.

Enjoy a healthier, cleaner environment. Air curtains make it difficult for outdoor air to come in as they are designed to recirculate the air in your establishment, creating an effective seal. This means they are effective for keeping out dust, dirt, pollen, flying insects, traffic fumes, and more, helping your customers and employees enjoy a healthier, cleaner environment.

Keep employee complaints, turnover, and absenteeism to a minimum. When employees are happy, they tend to complain less and stay with their jobs. Comfort is a huge part of employee satisfaction, just as it is for customers. Whether in the kitchen, service entry or back-of-the-house, air curtains keep the various rooms and sections of your restaurant comfortable and draft-free. You will see less absenteeism and more motivation and job satisfaction in your employees.

Invite new business to your restaurant or bar. Open doors are inviting to those who pass by your establishment, no doubt about it. Potential customers know your restaurant is open for business and they will come in not only to enjoy your food, but the great atmosphere and comfort air curtains provide.

A commercial air curtain could be a cost-effective solution for those who are tired of an uncomfortable environment and spending too much on energy costs. We invite those in Ann Arbor and surrounding cities in SE Michigan to learn more about air curtains and their many benefits by contacting Haley Mechanical today!

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