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Is Your Air Conditioner Prepared for Spring?

Nothing brings about a good mood quite like spring! Following a long, cold winter, those first few days are invigorating, bringing about desire and readiness to start fresh – doing a little spring cleaning, making repairs, just getting ready for the warmer spring and summer months. As trusted Ann Arbor air conditioning professionals, we have one question: Have you had your air conditioner cleaned and inspected in preparation for spring?

An air conditioner properly maintained and cleaned means:

Improved indoor air quality. Until your air conditioner breaks down, you probably don’t give it much thought. Before we get into the summer season in which your system will likely be used heavily, it is important to schedule an annual checkup. The air that’s distributed through your home goes through a filter, which directly impacts the air your family breathes. A clogged or dirty air filter not only means dusty, dirty air but potentially mildew or mold that has accumulated on the filter. This can result in serious health issues!

Enhanced efficiency. The filter not only affects how clean the air is inside your southeast Michigan home but your air conditioner’s efficiency. When the filter is dirty, your system has to work harder to pump air into your home. This means more wear and tear on your system and a higher energy bill. Of course, the filter is not the only component that may affect efficiency. If your system is older or has been neglected over the years, it may be time to have a new, more energy efficient model installed. Our HVAC contractors can inspect your system, make any necessary repairs, or help you determine whether you would save substantially by having a new system installed.

Cool comfort all spring and summer long. The biggest advantage of having your air conditioning system cleaned and maintained is that you will stay cool all season, and keep cooling costs down. If you wait until the end of spring or until your A/C breaks down, it is likely you’ll have quite a wait for a technician to make repairs as this is the busiest season for air conditioning contractors. By having your system checked and tuned up now, any minor problems or issues can be diagnosed before they become a huge – and costly – headache.

At Haley Mechanical, we cannot stress enough the importance of getting your air conditioner prepared for the spring and summer seasons. It is time for a little spring cleaning, and this includes your cooling system! Call us today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your air conditioner will provide clean, comfortable air all summer long.

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