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Symptoms of a Cracked Toilet – and When it’s Time to Repair or Replace

What are the symptoms of a cracked toilet?

If you notice:

  • The toilet bowl isn’t holding water
  • The fill mechanism constantly runs, or the tank isn’t holding water
  • Water pooling on the floor around the toilet. Chances are the toilet is cracked. Before you go any further, check the operation of your toilet including whether it flushes properly, whether the toilet doesn’t fill even when water continues to run, or if it may be clogged. After ruling out other issues, inspect your toilet closely to find where the crack is located. It may be on the inside or outside of the toilet, in the tank or bowl, above or below the water level.

In instances where a crack is smaller than 1/16th of an inch, odds are you can handle it yourself, especially if the crack is above the water level or located on the outside of the toilet.

Here are a few tips for filling a toilet crack

After the crack has been located:

  • Shut off the water, then drain the toilet bowl or tank depending on which area is cracked. Once drained, dry the area thoroughly.
  • Check to ensure there are no additional cracks which may have radiated out from the primary crack.
  • Fill the crack with plumber’s epoxy.
  • Wait for a minimum of 24 hours for the epoxy to set before filling the toilet with water; test to ensure the repair was successful.
  • Cracks that are located below water level whether inside or outside will likely require the attention of a professional.

At Haley Mechanical, we want to help homeowners in Ann Arbor, Dexter, Ypsilanti, and surrounding areas understand how to make their own toilet repairs when possible. If your toilet is cracked and the job is beyond your ability, give us a call today!

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