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Is Your HVAC System Unhealthy? Indications Trouble Could be Lurking

Every Ann Arbor homeowner knows that without an HVAC system, you would be very uncomfortable during summer and winter months! While it is the most important system in your home, it could potentially put your family in danger. Could trouble be lurking with your heating & cooling system? Here are a few indications it may be time to call in our Southeast Michigan furnace repair experts.

Smell that distinct electrical burning odor? When you notice this smell, it could mean your system is overheating, or that wiring is damaged. Even when you do not think it is serious, never ignore this smell as it could indicate damage or burning in the system, even resulting in a fire if the situation goes unchecked.

Is your nose detecting a sulfur or a rotten egg smell? This could indicate a natural gas leak which is extremely dangerous. Remove yourself and your family from your home immediately, and never try to figure out what the problem is yourself. Call the professionals, as a gas leak could result in a fire or explosion.

Slight burning odor when running your furnace. Upon switching the furnace on for the first time during the heating season, a slight burning smell is not unusual. This is an indication your furnace is burning oil, which may be leaking near the system’s heat output. If you notice a burning odor, switch the furnace off and shut the oil off before contacting our HVAC technicians to diagnose the issue.

Musty or moldy smell caught your attention? Bacteria may be growing when you notice an odor that’s musty, earthy, or moldy. Cooling systems can be the perfect breeding ground for mold due to the fact condensation often builds up on the inside. If this condensation or moisture travels to the ductwork, you may notice a musty smell – and mold can be a health risk. The solution? Have your ductwork and HVAC system cleaned by professionals.

Inspecting your HVAC system occasionally is recommended, as you discover your system is leaking if you notice a puddle beginning to form, which could result in mold or even a slipping hazard. Determine where the leak originates if possible, then contact our HVAC experts.

Any time you notice the above symptoms, it is a good idea to contact our SE Michigan HVAC professionals. At Haley Mechanical, we help Ann Arbor, and Dexter homeowners get small issues under control before they become costly or more dangerous problems! Give us a call today, and enjoy peace of mind.

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