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You Deserve a Garage Heater – Here’s Why!

Anyone who lives in Ann Arbor or other areas of Southeast Michigan knows winter months get downright cold – and the last thing you want to do is work on a project in the garage, mechanic on your truck, or even transform it into a “man cave.”  Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy your garage regardless of what the weather brings?  A dedicated heater just might be the solution – and we’re not talking about space heaters, but forced-air garage heaters.

Safety.  This should be your top concern when trying to make your garage warm and comfortable, and you likely already know gas and propane heaters provide warmth, but they can also be dangerous.  Not only are there fire and carbon monoxide risks with these heaters, but they’re hot to the touch.  A heater designed to be used in your garage and installed by a professional eliminates these dangers.

Convenience.  If you’ve every used space heaters in an attempt to warm your garage, you know their power isn’t all that great – and moving them around from one space to another while you work on a project or mechanic can be an inconvenience, not to mention you’re still not all that warm after moving the heater to your work area.  Heating systems designed specifically for use in a garage means comfort when you need it most, without the hassle of moving space heaters around.

Comfort AND Affordability.  Many SE Michigan homeowners decide to convert a garage into a man cave, game room or even craft room.  Shouldn’t you be able to enjoy this space while staying warm in winter months without spending a fortune on utility costs?  Permanent forced-air heating systems are powerful, efficient, and provide warm comfort without the high costs of space heaters or fuel used in kerosene or other heaters.  In the event you have to make an emergency repair on your vehicle, you can accomplish the task without the numb fingers – or consuming enough electricity or fuel that you could have potentially paid for the repair and come out ahead.

Control.  Garages are more than a place to park your family’s vehicles; some use them to store valuable keepsakes and collectibles, including antique cars or family heirlooms.  Cold weather can be brutal, making a garage a space that’s potentially damaging to valuables or keepsakes.  Permanent forced-air heating systems designed for use in the garage can eliminate this problem, making it the perfect space for those items you treasure while giving you the control of the temperature in this space.

If you’re ready to learn more about the various heating options for your garage, contact Haley Mechanical today.  We provide garage heating solutions for customers throughout Southeast Michigan including Ann Arbor, Dexter, Ypsilanti and surrounding areas.  Transform your garage from a frigid freezer to a comfortable, usable space for all of your needs! Contact us about a garage and workspace heater today!

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