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Save Money on Christmas Lights This Holiday Season

Strands of Christmas Lights

ave as much as possible on energy costs, but who knew you could save on lighting up the tree and other areas of your home? You may not be aware of how much it does cost using old-style bulbs, but it can cost a small fortune. Whether you’re checking out those strands of lights you’ve stored and used for years to make sure they all work or are considering new lights, you’ll be interested in finding out the cost of old-style bulbs vs. LED bulbs below!

Save Big With Water-Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

Bathroom in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Conserving water is the most important thing southeast Michigan homeowners can do to lower monthly water costs – but how can you conserve one of our most limited resources? By installing water-efficient plumbing fixtures.

Air Conditioning Facts That May Surprise You

Audience in air conditioned auditorium

As a SE Michigan homeowner, you probably wouldn’t want to face some of the super-hot days we’ve seen this summer without air conditioning! While there’s nothing better than a nice day in the sunshine, it’s a relief to know you can retreat to the cool indoors when you’ve had enough. If your A/C isn’t functioning … Read more

Financing available

Make no payments until 2023 and pay as little as $132 a month when you finance a new Lennox system. Talk to a comfort advisor today!