Water Heater Maintenance – Neglected Over the Winter? Nows the Time!

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Water Heater Maintenance – Neglected Over the Winter? Nows the Time!

As trusted plumbing professionals servicing southeast Michigan areas of Howell, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor and surrounding communities, we know that homeowners rarely give their water heaters a second thought – unless there is a problem.  If you neglected your water heater over the winter months, now is the time to have your technician perform a little maintenance.

What does water heater maintenance involve?  It’s really not too complicated.  Here’s what you should expect from your technician:

Check heating elements in electric systemsYour technician will check the elements (which are responsible for heating the water) and replace if necessary.

Check combustionThe hot water tank must have a good draft to ensure that dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are not generated; your technician will check this after cleaning the pilot orifice and burner.

Testing the thermostatThe most common water temperature is 120 degrees, unless a homeowner requests that it be set higher.  Your technician will check to ensure that the thermostat on your system responds to hot water demands, and registers water temperature correctly.

Inspection of fuel connectionsWater heaters that heat using natural gas or other fossil fuels should be inspected to ensure connections are tight.  Your technician will also inspect the fuel lines to make sure there are no potential leaks or other damage.

Flush and insulate tankEvery six months the storage tank on your water heater should be flushed to remove sediments; your technician will also insulate your tank with a jacket made specifically for the purpose of reducing heat loss if you choose to do so.

Inspect thermocouple operationWhile you may never have heard of it, this component is a safety device that ensures your water tank will light safely.

Check and test T & P (temperature and pressure) valveThis is an important aspect of water heater maintenance, as too much pressure or temperatures that rise too high can result in busted pipes or worse, a tank that bursts.  Either could result in injury to your family members or serious damage.  Your technician will open the T & P valve to remove any blockages and sediment, and test it to ensure proper operation.

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