Air Conditioning Facts That May Surprise You

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As a SE Michigan homeowner, you probably wouldn’t want to face some of the super-hot days we’ve seen this summer without air conditioning! While there’s nothing better than a nice day in the sunshine, it’s a relief to know you can retreat to the cool indoors when you’ve had enough. If your A/C isn’t functioning as efficiently as it used to or you’re having problems, it may be time to call in our skilled air conditioning technicians. While you consider making the call, you may enjoy some of these surprising A/C facts.

  • We’ve lost our tolerance to heat thanks to the invention of air conditioning! According to research, the cooler the indoor temperature is inside your home, the less tolerant you are of the heat.
  • The U.S. has experienced 60% of its economic growth in the southern states, largely due to the fact that people flocked to states like Arizona, Florida, and Texas after air conditioning made tolerating the heat in these regions possible.
  • Willis Carrier designed the first air conditioner in 1902, but it wasn’t for the purpose of cooling. Carrier had a publishing house, and the humidity would cause ink to smudge and papers to expand and contract. The purpose of the design was to eliminate humidity!
  • How much energy is consumed in the U.S. to power air conditioners every year? As much as the entire continent of Africa uses in a year’s time to power everything. That’s a whole lot of energy!
  • Who can teachers and school children thank for summer vacation? Air conditioning! Summer breaks were the norm for schools prior to the invention of air conditioning so that students and faculty didn’t have to suffer the heat. The tradition continues today.
  • The creating and testing of vital medications is possible because of air conditioning – but why? An environment in which the temperature can be controlled and kept cool is essential for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, doctors, and others in the medical field for creating and testing.
  • People flocked to movie theaters during the summer months during the Great Depression, because they were some of the few businesses who had air conditioners. If you’re familiar with the term “summer blockbuster,” now you know where it came from! Large Hollywood crowds were the first to see big film releases.

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Is Temperature Control a Constant Battle in Your Ann Arbor Home?

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Homeowners in Ann Arbor and surrounding cities in southeast Michigan often find themselves in a “battle” over who’s going to control the thermostat. Some family members are too hot, others too cold. Everyone wants to be comfortable, but when you have only one thermostat controlling the entire house it could mean war! Who’s going to win the battle? Everyone can, with zoning!

How you can transform the “combat zone” into a comfort zone instead

Zoning systems involve the use of several thermostats, one for each “zone” in your home. These thermostats operate dampers located in the ductwork of your HVAC system and make it possible to customize the temperature in all the separate areas of your home.

Who are those who benefit most from zoning systems?

  • The temperatures in your home are uneven
  • Certain rooms always feel “stuffy”
  • You have rooms that are rarely used
  • Your utility bills are higher than you would like
  • Certain spots in your home are noticeably hotter or colder than other areas
  • You have a second floor, and the air is warmer than on ground-level floors
  • Your home has large windows
  • You have a home office that includes computers or other electronics that produce heat
  • You have an addition built after your HVAC system was installed
  • Your home is designed in a way that’s entirely or partially underground
  • Zoning allows everyone in your household to enjoy comfort and eliminates inconsistent temperatures. You can end the battle, and everyone in your house enjoys his or her temperature preference!

Benefits of zoning systems for Southeast Michigan homeowners

Zoning systems offer wide-ranging benefits regarding energy efficiency and effectiveness and go far beyond cooling or heating your home. Enjoy benefits including:

  • Enhanced efficiency – A well-designed zoning system can save you hundreds in energy costs annually because it is highly energy efficient. In fact, your new system will pay for itself in just a few years, and when combined with a programmable thermostat could result in energy savings of as much as 35%!
  • Accurate control – Your family enjoys more control and options than ever before because the areas of your home are divided into specific zones which allow for divided comfort in each zone.
  • Added comfort – A zoning system makes it possible to control airflow and temperature in one area, so other areas of your home are not affected.
  • Quieter performance – A zoning system that’s integrated with a variable speed or two-stage HVAC system results in maximum performance and efficiency for your cooling/heating equipment. Lower speeds equal reduced sound levels, so you enjoy the quiet performance.

End the thermostat war today

Homeowners in search of a permanent solution to the temperature battles should consider a zoning system such as the iHarmony® four zone system, and advanced system from Lennox.

Adjust temperatures in any zone remotely

When combined with the iComfort® Wi-Fi or iComfort® S30 thermostat, the iHarmony zoning system makes it possible for members of your family to adjust any zone’s temperature using a web-enabled device such as a tablet or smartphone – remote control and convenience!

Mini-splits for add-on spaces

Have a sunroom or other area where it just isn’t practical to install or extend ductwork? A mini-split system is an ideal solution with high-efficiency ratings of up to 10.50 HSPF and 23.50 SEER.

At Haley Mechanical, our Southeast Michigan HVAC professionals understand the battles families often face when it comes to home comfort. As a trusted Lennox Dealer, we invite you to contact us today to learn more about zoning systems and mini-splits that make it possible for every member of your family to enjoy comfort while saving on energy costs.